What I learned about the evolution

I learned a lot about the evolution of public relations, but at the same time, it was just reinforcement. Everyone knows how much technology and society is changing, so its only safe to assume that public relations and the media and mass communication in general has to change as well. I had the section on the next 50 years which was pretty much putting in greater detail what we already know. The world is changing QUICKLY! And as the world changes, the technology changes and who has access to this new technology changes as well. And the media has to keep up with it. There’s a constant push for new ideas and quirky ads that will keep people interested in such a desensitized society. The way that news and ads and everything are spread has to change too. Movable type is becoming obsolete very fast and soon I dont think that people will read much of anything…at least not on paper. I guess that’s good for the environment but that cant be good for our brains and our eyes with all the radio waves and stuff, but thats enough of that. I would love to see what will be in the next 100 or 150 years. With technology and people changing so rapidly, I would love to see what happens in the year 3009.  EVERYTHING changed from 1909 to now, so I know its going to be ridiculous in the future. Hopefully technology doesnt get too out of hand and cause some kind of apocalyptic thing, but unlimited potential and a government that will most likely be obsolete by then doesnt paint a pretty picture.


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